First approach to Mobile app testing on NNOT – Noordertest Groningen (NL)

Today I gave a new presentation about how-to coördinate all task to test a mobile app on the NNOT conference. NNOT is small conference for IT departments from Dutch government organisations in and a round Groningen.

There is a lot of information and training material about what a tester can or should do to test a mobile app. This is more on an personal level of a tester. But how to organize the testing, and which tasks coördinated together? The role or the tester is different, more facilitating than doing the test himself and there are different task to do like creating personas and analyse the device market. But the most crucial task is analysing the conditions the mobile app should run in and translating these conditions into perspectives like network conditions, ergonomics or usability.

The full presentation of the NNOT is here.

City Groningen, Netherlands

NNOT presentation coordination of mobile app tasks

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